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Cover175x167This witty and well researched book on tea covers topics as diverse as the history of tea in Korea and Iran, botanical espionage and the sexual innuendo of tea. It also manages to introduce the reader to a huge range of teas and the 6 colour coding system of tea production. That's right, there are not just black and green teas!

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The Chapters of Curiosi-tea are listed here in alphabetical order.


A Fairytale of Adventure and Adversi-tea: Jack and the Tea Stalk
A healthy mentali-tea: neurodegenerative disease
Absurdi-tea: absurd ditty
Antiqui-tea: Chinese mythology
Ar-tea Far-tea Litera-tea: steeped in culture - poets and tea
Authentici-tea and Traceabili-tea: an identity crisis (Darjeeling)
Authori-tea: fermented or oxidised?
Border Securi-tea: customs in Casablanca
Botanical espionage in pursuit of Commodi-tea: the theft of tea
Camel-mile-tea: Russian Caravan
Causali-teas and Casual-teas: a round-about way of buying tea
Chinese Provinciali-tea: where tea is grown in China
Christiani-tea: tea-drinking Jesuits
Dei-tea: the avatar of tea and Lu Yu
Disclaimi-tea: disclaimer
Distant echoes of maiden beau-teas: Huangshan mountain tea
eTEAmology: the history of the word for tea
Exclusivi-tea: ludicrously expensive Dahongpao
False Identi-tea: be careful what you call 'Tea'
Feminini-tea and the Goddess: the bodhisattva of compassion
Fleeting populari-tea in America: a green tea nation
Foreign profiteering and religious sensitivi-teas: a fatwa against sweet tea
Foreplay vani-tea: the evolution of a book, and encountering Camellia Cha
Glossary of clari-tea: pronunciations and definitions
Gratui-tea: acknowledgements
Harmonious Communi-tea: Korean monastic tea rites
High Socie-tea: high in the Himalayas
High Tea, Low Tea, anywhere you go tea: a search for clarity in terminology
Hospitali-tea: Tea: Host or Guest?
Human Potentiali-teas: the Max Havelaar factor
Humidi-tea and Clouds: ideal conditions for growing tea
Hump-tea Dump-tea: putting Humpty back together again
Hyperactivi-tea: a caffeine buzz
Immorali-tea: the opium wars
Impuri-tea: unsavoury adulteration
Inaccessibili-tea: monkey business
Index Curiosi-tea: key words
Indian Tea Estate Locali-tea: tea growing regions in India
Inequi-tea and proper-tea ownership: buying off indigenous Australians with tea
Inevitabili-tea: cause and effect
Inferiori-tea: staffroom complexities
Infideli-tea: a fickle tea drinker: Lapsang Souchong
Infini-tea: the endless ways of tea
Inhumani-tea and Mortali-tea: the tea industry in Assam
Insani-tea: the Trumpet of the Angel of Death
Insobrie-tea: tea with a punch
Instabili-tea in the tea market: tea smuggling in Iran and beyond
Latitudinal Extremi-tea: an earth-shattering question (the meaning of life)
Letting off sTEAm in the kitchen: kitchen tea and emancipation
Longevi-tea: long live pu'er !
Loyal-teas, Rebels and Export Ingenui-tea: Oura Kei's tea exports to America
Maritime communi-tea: the North Sea islands of Ostfriesland
Market-a-billy-tea: an Aussie icon (Ceylon Tea)
Marriage Rituali-teas: tea and betrothal customs
Masters of Dexteri-tea: tea masters with great agility
Materni-Tea Ceremony: expresso tea
Medicinal Proper-teas: miraculous claims
Modes-tea: how much can you hide with a tealeaf?
Musicali-tea: the journey of tea through song
My DING DONG inabili-tea: brain malfunction via word association
Nativi-Tea: prematurity - Romans and the Silk Road
Nonconformi-tea in Patagonia: eco-tourists and non-conformists
Novel-tea: matcha ice cream
Posteri-tea: Korean tea culture
Practicali-teas: practical rituals for preparing tea
Publici-tea stunts: Sir Thomas Lipton
Puri-tea and continui-tea: the Japanese Way of Tea
Quanti-tea: global tea statistics
Radioactivi-tea: strontium 90 and more
Reading Referentiali-tea: bibliography
Reciproci-tea: trading tea for horses with Tibet
Reflectivi-tea: postscript
Royal-tea: the drink of Kings and Queens
Ruined by Salini-tea: the Boston Tea Party
Russian recreational liber-teas: around the samovar
Serendipi-tea and Adaptabili-tea: the origin of the teabag
Servili-tea and civili-tea: tea in the workplace
Sexuali-tea: the innuendos of tea
Shocking Reali-teas of Scientific Objectivi-tea: the dangers of bad tea
Shopper's Anxie-tea: too much choice?
Smuggling and Brutali-tea: tea smuggling in England
Solidari-tea and Productivi-tea: the tea break and the industrial revolution
Spirituali-tea: spirituality
Strength and Fragili-tea: the quest for porcelain
Strip Teas: breakfast tease
Superiori-tea: tea clipper design
Sustainabili-tea: global responsibility
Synchronici-tea: the gentle art of tealeaf reading
Tang, tea, tongues and tongs: commodity in Tang China
Tea waste Utili-tea: what to do with the leaves at the bottom of your teapot
Teabag Sucker: the ultimate tea wRap
Tea-ny-weeny Nano-tea: invisibility, increased bioavailability, potential toxicity
Terminology Dispari-tea: I've got the oolong blues
The Cult of Personali-tea: maintaining the image of the Great Leader
The Drink of Immortali-tea: offerings to the ancestors and immortals
The Milky Ways of Tea: just how many ways to drink tea with milk are there?
The Promiscui-tea of Nobili-tea: Earl Grey and the Duchess of Devonshire
Tranquilli-tea? power, politics and tea in Japan
Twinings Celebri-tea: the recipe of Earl Grey tea
Uniformi-tea: cloned tea cultivars of Kenya
Universali-tea: kombucha's purported benefits
Varie-teas: the tea plant and the six colour processing
Victorian Morali-teas: Queen Victoria
Volatili-tea: gunpowder diplomacy on the Pearl River
Vulnerabili-tea: beware outrageous publici-tea
Yummy Yum Cha: eat, drink tea and be merry
Zero Gravi-tea: tea in space

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Curiosi-tea has 204 pages with 58 cartoon-like illustrations, 4 maps, a bibliography, index and glossary.
ISBN: 9780980674606 (pbk.)
Dimensions: 21cm wide x 22cm high x 1.8cm thick
Weight: 850g
Publisher: Absurd Publications Pty Ltd
ACN: 134 978 199 ABN: 75 134 978 199
PO Box 885 Mornington 3931 Vic. Australia