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Anne Norman explains:

The names and the relationships of the various characters narrating Curiosi-tea unfold as the book progresses. The use of multiple narrators is a useful device in relating and propelling this rather unorthodox romp through history.
um… do I know you? Whoever you are, in this case it is
'Her Story' not history, as CC is a female avatar.
Yes, of course AMN, thank you for pointing that out.
By using three characters, I am able to dispute ‘facts’ or accounts of history and present the reader with a choice of opinion or perspective, rather than falling into the trap of presenting history as a one-sided fait accompli with which every textbook must comply.
So much energy expended on arguing about who did what first!
Much better, Darling, to just celebrate life moment by moment…
preferably with a cup of tea in hand.
Well, yes CC, but some of us like to put things in chronological order.
While Ms Cha can talk with nonchalant bombasi-tea based on experience, the somewhat ignorant, but delightfully enthusiastic AMN character supplies the reader with a friend who shares their surprise or increduli-tea at revelations of previously unencountered ideas and events. Hopefully AMN also encourages an irrepressible sense of joy and curiosi-tea in the reader.
I do? Gosh.
To learn more about Anne Norman, please go to the Media Release

So who are the narrators of Curiosi-tea

AMN is shy and hiding her identi-tea. She is a nobody, but is crucial to the writing of this book. She is a nerdish, inexperienced bookworm. AMN set out on a quest to write a silly rhyming picture book on the topic of tea, her favourite drink, and encountered some unexpected ‘help’ along the way. AMN is often referred to as Teabud by Camellia Cha.
Camellia Cha is tea itself. She is the Dei-tea; Tea personified in avatar form. She is immortal, and of course, absolutely crucial to a book about tea. She is worldly and naugh-tea. Called CC by AMN, she is referred to as Thea by her long-standing associate Herstorian.
Herstorian is dry and factual, but not without CHArm and wit. She is a mystery. An immortal without bodily form, scholarly, and capable of understanding linear time (unlike CC). Herstorian remains distant from AMN, using her as an expedient secretary for getting the book written, while suffering her as a nuisance and ignorant fool.
Some folk have suggested that these three characters represent aspects of the true author’s fractured personali-tea. Well, I never! Surely not!
The narrators have been assigned different coloured text for clari-tea. This way we know immediately who is speaking. The bulk of the book is written in black ink, which indicates Herstorian. Her's is the voice of detached authori-tea and the main voice of the book. AMN has been pushed to the side in Teabud green text, and Camellia Cha is in brown* text. AMN and CC tend to play the role of commenting on the sidelines as Herstorian unfolds the narrative, but occasionally they completely take over a chapter, usually with dire consequences. The poems are in a different font, as they are in no-one’s voice in particular, but add to the unfolding of the narrative with a touch of absurdi-tea or perhaps beau-tea, like coming across a yellow-centred white camellia sinensis flower, when one’s focus has been on the bud and two leaves.
* you may be interested to learn that the word for brown in Japanese
is chairo 茶色 literally meaning ‘tea colour’