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Up-coming events, interviews and public presentations
 of material from Camellia Cha's Curiosi-tea

May 22nd 2010: Canberra Glassworks Absurdi-tea

Absurdi-tea with Camellia Cha. Poetry, incidental music and hilari-tea!
Anne Norman (poetry, shakuhachi), Peter Neville (tea set percussion & keyboards), Justine Anderson (soprano).

Entrance free. Your chance to purchase the book Curiosi-tea besmudged by the Avatar herself.

Canberra Glassworks 3rd birthday celebrations. Saturday 22nd May 2010.


May 15th May at 12:30 : Tea and Zen with Camellia Cha

A romp through the exhibition with Camellia Cha. Spirituali-tea, Rituali-tea and Frivoli-tea. Discover the hidden meanings of tea with the author of Curiosi-tea. From Tang China through to Tokugawa Japan... and the modern day tea ceremony. The role of the Sangha, the courtesans, the Literati and the ladies of Cha-no-Yu in the changing modes and innuendo of tea. From Profundi-tea to Profani-tea. 30 minutes of thought provoking poetry and enlightening hilari-tea. Have a good strong cuppa before you come!
of Japanese and Chinese powdered tea ceremony artifacts
15th May at 12:30: 180 St Kilda Road Melbourne VIC 3004 Australia
Telephone: +61 3 8620 2328


May 14th 2010: Music of the Tea Lands

Watch an elegant Japanese Tea Ceremony performed by Adam Wojcinski of the Ueda Soko school of Tea while feasting your ears on music from countries where the bounty of tea is revered: Japan and Ireland; with Anne Norman - shakuhachi, Mel Robinson - cello and Liminality - Cath Connelly, harp and Greg Hunt, fiddle. Also featured is live performance of large ink brush calligraphy by Shingo Nozao, and poetry by Camellia Cha. 8pm Friday 14th.

Boite World Music Cafe


March 5th 2010: Radio Interview, Geelong

Radio interview with Sue and Belinda on the Creating Space The Pulse 94.7fm radio, Geelong. Friday 5th March at 1:35pm

Mar 9th 2010: Arty Farty Litera-tea at the 'Spinning Room'

ETSpinningRoomMarch2010Anne Norman performed her poem Arty Farty Litera-tea at the 'Spinning Room' gathering of poets at ET's lounge on High st off Chapel, Prahran, Melbourne. She was given the honour of a 'Call Back', where the best poet of the night is invited to return to read another poem. She read Distant Cries of Mountain Beau-teas. Tuesday evening.


Mar 13th 2010: An Evening of Absurdi-tea

An Evening of Absurdi-tea with Camellia Cha in Warrnambool, Victoria. Also featuring Anne Norman on Shakuhachi and poetry, with Jeanette Hajncl on recorder. Part of The Christ Church Series, Warrnambool.

Jan 27th 2010: 891 ABC Adelaide

Radio interview on Evenings with Peter Goers


2009 Camellia Cha events



Dec 2nd 2009: Peninsula Hot Springs Opening Ceremony

Music, tea and relaxing in thermal hot springs: three pinnacles of human culture, leisure and refinement. A feast of music and tea was curated by author and musician Anne Norman for the launch of the Peninsula Hot Springs, engaging musicians and tea presenters. VIPs were greeted by the celebratory Japanese drumming of Wadaiko Rindo accompanied by the flute players of FueFukuro. This was followed by soothing music of the Iyer Brothers playing the South Indian veena (lutes) with Sridhar Chari on the mridangam drum, wafting across the lake as guests wandered from pool to pool. At the hot spring pools further up the hill, a grotto of Chinese chamber music greeted the guests, performed by members of the virtuosic Australian Chinese Ensemble. The VIPs were also served a choice of handcrafted Chinese Flower Teas served by Jessie Wong and Guy Chandrasena of Tea Culture.

Peninsula Hot Springs, on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia 


Sunday 13th Dec

An afternoon of Absurdi-tea

Camellia Cha and friends, with poetry and music performed by Anne Norman (author of Curiosi-tea / shakuhachi musician) with the very talented pianist / percussionist Steve Richter (Mr. Sister, Taal Naan, and Wu Tao Dance) and the amazing percussionist / tap dancer Marcus Perrozzi (Tetrafide Percussion).
the Old Bakery - 12th annual teapot exhibition
42 Eighth Ave, Maylands WA
08 9370 3308

Saturday 12th Dec : Book reading by Anne Norman

Anne read from Curiosi-tea and told tales of her tea journey through China and Japan, and performed on shakuhachi bamboo flute.
The Bodhi Tree book shop in Perth
Cnr Oxford St & Scarborough Beach Rd
Mt Hawthorn WA 6016
(08) 9444 9884

Dec 12th 2009: Chatterbox Christmas Par-tea

Featuring Anne performing shakuhachi and doing readings from Curiosi-tea and a special tea tasting presented by Chigusa Haugen of Wasabi and Green Tea.
Hyogo Prefectural Government Cultural Centre
20 Kalinda dve
City Beach WA

Monday 7th Dec : Asian Language literacy conference

Anne spoke about Curiosi-tea as a learning resource and performed shakuhachi at the Asian Language literacy conference at the Boulevard Centre, Floreat, Perth


Saturday 5th Dec 12:15 : Weekend Score - 3MBS

The Song Company sings 'Tea for Two'.
When did we first put milk in tea?
Why did the British call Chinese tea 'Russian Caravan'?
Who calls Red tea 'Black'?
3MBS 103.5FM
Music Broadcasting Society of Victoria Ltd
Presenter: John Sheridan

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Dec 4th 2009: Australia-Japan Society of WA

Anne was guest speaker at the Australia-Japan Society of WA annual Xmas Party at the Lake Karrinyup Golf Club, where she spoke on tea in Japan throughout the ages, read poetry from Curiosi-tea and played shakuhachi.


Thurs Nov 26th 11:30am : Published or Not - 3CR

Who is Camellia Cha? The author reveals her personali-tea disorder.
The Tea and Horse road. Varie-teas: 6 colours of oxidation/fermentation.
Anne reads Curiosi-tea chapters:
* Jack and the Tea Stalk: Jacobus Jacobson. Once Upon a Time...
* Promiscui-tea of Nobility: Earl Grey ad and the Duchess of Devonshire
* High Tea Low Tea, anywhere you go tea...
3CR : Jan Goldsmith
3CR 855 AM Melbourne
Presenter: Jan Goldsmith

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Nov 25th 2009: Morning Magazine - 3CR

From radioactivi-tea to sexuali-tea. Anne Norman speaks to Bruce Miller at 11.10am
101.5fm : Bruce Miller Caboolture
101.5fm QLD
Presenter: Bruce Miller
Caboolture Community FM Radio

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Tues Nov 24th 1pm : Music Sans Frontieres - 3CR

Anne Norman speaks to Therese Virtue on many things tea and in particular on Musicali-tea, she is joined by Noriko Tadano for a japanese tea cutting song from the 1920's
3C : ThereseVirtue
3CR 855 AM Melbourne
Presenter: Therese Virtue

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Tues November 17th 10:30pm: - King of Nights - 4BC

Does Quali-tea drink tea from a cup? The history of tea, the cultural aspects of tea, the spelling of tea and a glimpse into the dark side of tea.
4BC : Ian Maurice
4BC 1116 AM QLD
Presenter: Ian Maurice

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November 2009: - TVS - Television Sydney

footer-tvs-logo16Presenter: Joy Hruby
Joy's World (viewer's tribute poem)


Sept 19th 2009: Curiosi-tea book reading

Chado Tea ShopChado Tea shop in Elizabeth St Hobart

In between reading witty excerpts and poems from her book, Anne improvised on shakuhachi with fellow muso and tea nut Brian Ritchie. Brian (of Violent Femmes fame) also played acoustic bass guitar behind Anne's rapping of Teabag Sucker, delighting patrons, unsuspecting tea drinkers and staff at Chado.

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