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Curiosi-tea $25 AUD per copy plus postage.
The only economic way to ship these weighty books to any spot on the planet outside Australia is as a box of 16. This keeps the delivered cost to only $160.00. That means each book is only $25 + $10 postage. Buy all your Christmas presents at once!
Shipping and handling $160.00, + $400 (16 x $25) = $560 for a box (16 copies of Curiosi-tea)
Prices are in Australian dollars ($AUD)
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Retailers should contact Camellia directly to discuss wholesale options.
Global Representation, Management & Distribution
We are currently working on global distribution solutions to make it possible to buy single copies of the book, but at the moment, that is not economical from a freight perspective. Hang in there, we are getting closer!