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PAUCITY of PROPRIETY of "The Attitude of Cups"

Darlings!!! They have included the poem "Distant Echoes of Maiden Beau-teas" from my book Curiosi-tea, but have attributed the poem to the pen of Anne M Norman!


ATTITUDE of cups? … Well, I'll give you attitude!
How about indignity at the fragrant audacity and irrationality of assumed dispensability of the Avatar of Tea!?

While not questioning the capability or naïve precocity of the delightful Teabud to speak with alacrity and joyous ability (though lacking authority of immortal maturity),
one notes the paucity of proper propriety.

The true cognoscenti of the Melbourne literati (those with the assiduity to possess Curiosi-tea) will note this emergence from anonymity of the timid AMN…

These are not bitter leaves of stewing discontent or a simmering asperity of this salubrious event; rather an out-pouring of incredulity infused with conviviality at her passing from obscurity into fraternity of celebrity!
Such temerity of nonentity. Felicity! Solidarity!

Camellia Cha (the absentee deity)

THE ATTITUDE OF CUPS: An Anthology of Australian Poetry about TEA, WINE & COFFEE
edited by Sue Stanford, © 2011, Melbourne Poets Union.

Featuring poems by: Alex Skovron, Ana Greeno, Andy Kissane, Anne Norman, Avril Bradley, Carmel Macdonald, Cassandra Atherton, Cathy Altmann, Charles D'Anastasi, Chalotte Clutterbuck, Christopher Race, David Farnsworth, Di Cousens, Dyan Wekker, Emily Manger, Fee Sievers, Fiona Stuart, Frances Macaulay Forde, Katheryn Hamman, Kaye Aldenhoven, Kevin Brophy, Kinga Bisits, Len Green, Leon Shann, Les Wicks, Lyn Reeves, Margaret Owen Ruckert, Mareitta Elliot-Kleekoper, Michelle Leber, Mike Ladd, Paul Dunell, Pater Bakowski, Peter Murphy, Phil Orchard, Phillip Ellis, Rachael Petridis, Rhonda Poholke, Ron Pretty, Ross Donlon, Simon Sez, Sue Gilbert, Sue Stanford, Tina Giannoukos, Wendy Fleming.

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