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Tea Museums

Tea in Literature


Help Camellia to add to these resources by submitting sites you feel should be included under the following headings. Please don't send photos or large files directly to Camellia, as the traffic is too heavy. But do send us a link to where you have stored your tea-related photos or resources on-line, and a short sentence letting others know what content to expect, so they can choose whether to have a look or not.

Tea Talk

  • "The abuse of tea has taken on the characteristics of a plague. It is not only confined to men, but has even spread to women and children. The situation is becoming very dangerous. Tea abuse... takes the form of an imperious and irresistible craving."
    A Tunisian physician in the 1930's, commenting on the effects of tea when it first arrived in his country.
    Cited in The Economist (August 8 2002)


Tea Pickers

Monkey Picker Photos

  • Camellia is keen to see links to any photographic evidence of monkeys picking tea, please let her know about them.

infini-tea Poems

  • CC has started a new craze in composing Infinty poems: poems which start and end with the same word and can be read from any point in the poem. However, only poems related to tea will be published here, IF CC likes it. Submit your own infini-tea poems.
  • infiniTEA Poems

Photographs of tea


  • If anyone spots any creative graffiti featuring tea, please submit links to photos and info. Even old tea adverts on the side of old buildings.
  • Yeah!!! Finally a GraffiTEA artist who has the thumbs up from Camellia Cha. Check out Samurai GraffiTEA artist Adam Wojcinski here:

Celebri-tea watch


  • Submit your tea story and help us build up a collection of funny and poignant tea stories. It may be about tea in outback Australia, or an encounter (through tea) you had while on a trip across Russia, or it may be about your own tea culture from the place you come from. Share your story about tea encountered on travelling adventures; while on a train journey; outdoors; in someone¹s home; in a tearoom; at a tea plantation... Camellia would love to hear your story. Any language is OK. Add your story here