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Tearoom Owners

An invitation to all teashop owners and tea-related businesses:

Curiosi-tea is a laugh-out-loud read, touching on topics which are fascinating and curious. In addition to solid research on the history and varieties of tea, Curiosi-tea contains comic illustrations, maps and tongue-in-cheek poetry, presenting quirky anecdotes on almost anything you care to think of (not just tea!). It begins in Antiqui-tea and ends with Infini-tea and covers world history with topics as diverse as Promiscui-tea (Earl Grey), Exclusivi-tea (dahongpao), Tranquili-tea (matcha), Femini-tea and the Goddess (tie guanyin), Strip Teas (Breakfast Tease) and Inabili-tea (Dong Ding) to name a few.
Curiosi-tea is narrated by three unlikely characters, vying for control of the narrative: Camellia Cha, the flirtatious, irrepressible avatar of tea, AMN, a nerdish and naïve tea-drinking bookworm, and Herstorian, a mysterious entity who brings a dry authoritarian voice to the text. Teashop owners will love Curiosi-tea as it fosters an interest in experiencing a range of teas and exhorts the reader to buy quality tea from a specialist teashop. There is even a page where tea businesses may put their own stamp or sticker advertising their business (p.181), giving the reader a permanent reminder of where they bought the book, and contact details for future purchases of tea. And for the life of the book, as it is passed around to friends to read, your advertisement goes with it.
Curiosi-tea is being marketed via various multi-media platforms including a tongue-in-cheek rap video clip 'Teabag Sucker' on YouTube. An audio version of the book will be available in 2012, and Tea gift cards are also available for purchase.
Anne is also available to speak and give performances of the book with music and frivoli-tea in your store or your town to raise the profile of tea and draw attention to businesses selling the Curisoi-tea. Camellia Cha's Whiz Bang Tour of Tea is currently being planned for 2013 from Alaska, through Canada and the United States and all the way down to Argentina. If you wish to know more information on this tour and how you can be a part of it, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the subject Whiz Bang Tour 2013 and let us know how you would like to be involved. For reviews of Camellia Cha's shows, please read the stage reviews and also see the description of the shows on offer. The News & Events page lists up-coming presentations.
Curiosi-tea Curiosi-tea Click a thumbnail to view/download a higher resolution image for promotion purposes
For details on how to purchase or arrange a book reading with the author, call Anne Norman +61-3-5975-7164, or email Camellia Cha

Published by Absurd Publications