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Trade Enquiries

If you'd like to be an Outlet for Curiosi-tea (we all need one!) then contact us:

Tea businesses contact:
Absurd Publications - Australia
+61 (0)424 221 778
email Camellia

Book shops and other retail outlets in Australia and New Zealand contact:
PRD Enterprises Pty Ltd - Adelaide, Australia
P.O Box 1221, Elizabeth Vale, SA, Australia 5112
Ph / Fax: (08) 8287 1198
International Ph / Fax: +61 8 8287 1198
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

A Fabulous Opportuni-tea
Tea Businesses in America (from Canada down to Argentina!) may sign up for hosting an event as a part of Camellia Cha's Whiz Bang Tour of Tea in 2011. Send us your email and the extent to which you are able to assist in hosting, supporting, advertising or attending an event in your town in celebration of the fun side of tea. You will be kept informed of the details as the tour schedule unfolds. Anne is happy to tailor her presentations to suit your demographic and particular Tea needs. This is an opportunity to raise the profile and populari-tea of Tea in your district; advertise your own business; and increase the customers coming to your teashop, curious about what you have to offer. It is also an opportunity for Anne to boost book sales of Curiosi-tea and meet vendors who are selling or interested in selling her book.
What will Camellia Cha's Curiosi-tea do for your business?
It will bring in new customers through humour, musicali-tea and naugh-tea repartea. Anne Norman (the real author) is a tea lover who is also a poet, comedian and musician. She brings a fresh and unique perspective to tea. A sense of fun, along with scholarly research, a deep interest in the spirituali-tea of tea and a passion for knowledge of all things tea. Anne is a modern-day tea poet and wandering minstrel who celebrates tea creatively, with a light hearted humour not common in today's tea literature.
What does Curiosi-tea bring to the world of tea?
Frivoli-tea and Informa-tea, darling. And it brings along its readers, whose curiosity has been sparked into trying a whole varie-tea of teas. To let Anne know you are interested in being informed about her performance tours within Australia, America, the UK, India and beyond, please register here.
Camellia Cha is currently looking for a distributor in England and India and Singapore and ...